Welcome to my new blog

Over the last few years, people have suggested that I should start some kind of a blog to document my travels and life musings. I have never thought that my life was in any way extraordinary or that anyone would be in the least bit interested in what I have to say. After some reflection, I guess I have had a few adventures and for some reason people find my musings on life, the universe and everything, slightly interesting or at least entertaining. Setting up this blog may be an indulgence in allowing me to talk about what I’m passionate about. It is certainly are welcomed outlet for talking about hiking when I’m away from the trail. For me, hiking, walking, sauntering, rambling or whatever you want to call it, is not just some recreational activity, it has much greater significance. It is a metaphor for life itself.

If what I have to say is of any interest, I credited that to my fellow hikers and non-hikers alike with perhaps a little blending of my own mix of philosophical thought.

The Name of The Blog

With all the best and most memorable domains name already taken, especially under the “.com” top-level domain name, trying to find a catchy name is no easy task.

Eventually, after hearing the Chuck Berry oldie, “Go Johnny Go”, I opted for the name “Walk Johnny Walk”, as it seemed to fit my passion.

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